The Summer Look: Ombre and Balayage

ombre slide


Summer is in full force and this means picnics and the sun-kissed glow from head to toe that we all desire. The hottest trends of the season to achieve this are not only low maintenance, but also less damaging on your hair. Say hello to Ombre and Balayage, the hair coloring techniques all over the runways and red carpets that are making their way to the streets of every major city.

Ombre in French literally means “shaded”. It is a gradation of color starting from the roots to ends. The roots are meant to be a noticeable difference in shade from the ends. This look can be as natural or as creative with varying tones, or even combined with other techniques, such as Balayage.

Balayage is a freehand technique of sweeping or painting the hair with a brush, much like an artist would do on a canvas. This look focuses on a more natural appearance using the haircut as the foundation of color placement. The color accentuates the movement of the hair and creates contrast.

Both of these trends stay away from the scalp, which means less harsh chemicals on sensitive areas, a look that is easy to transition and more time in-between root touch-ups.

Forget the days of a head full of foils and the harsh breaks of your root growth. Take it from Cirialyn Valeriano, an expert of the Ombre technique. She says that she prefers this technique and recommends it for an array of her clients from all walks of life for the simple fact that it’s “customizable, less damaging and looks flawless and natural”.

This look is so tailored to each person and each season, it can worn throughout the year. Transitioning from whatever desired look you want will be easier and less damaging. Natural never looked more beautiful.