NEW Resistance Therapiste

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NEW Resistance Therapiste– Kerastase’s first hair renewal care for very damaged, over processed hair.

Trend Alert:  Wash your hair in reverse with Resistance Therapiste Regimen.  Using Therapiste Soin Premier prior to shampooing helps to instantly repair damaged hair by infusing the fiber with softness to protect hair while cleansing.

The Resurrection Plant is know for it’s ability to survive almost complete dehydration and to be able to come back to life after 10 years of near death.  For the first time, Kerastase has been able to extract from this precious sap, transposing it’s energy into the formula of NEW Resistance Therapiste to give your hair a second life.  Witness the miracle ingredient come back to life in less than 24 hours.  Watch now:

Ask your stylist about the Reverse Care method at your next salon visit.